What Man United Needs

A lot has been heard of Man United in recent months but it’s not been the usual chatter. Gone are the days of glory talk, about how many trophies they’ll accumulate or who’ll be getting toppled next. No!

Today’s news is all about the imminent rebuilding that’s required. Solksjaer has merely echoed what a lot of United fans have been saying since Fergie’s last season.

A landmark central defender, a right-back, a solid holding midfielder… The very least.

But who’ll go? And how will this impact the once mighty Man United?

Empires crumble, they can become difficult to maintain, especially within the realms of football. What Ferguson did will be difficult for any manager to replicate, even with money to burn the nature of the game rarely allows for dominance that lasts for more than a few seasons. There’s the usual top four teams but none tend to dominate in the likes Man Utd did throughout the 90’s and 00’s.

So who is the landmark defender?

A lot has been mentioned about Napoli’s Koulibaly, agreed it’ll be a landmark transfer which will be mainly down to the fee. It was rumoured that they were in the market for Van Dyke but weren’t impressed by his fee. How they must be kicking themselves now!

Recently, it’s been said they want Davide Calabria to join them and fill the vacancy at right-back. Who’d have thought they’d ever struggle here? Such a void, Bailly and Young have both struggled, the former didn’t struggle more gave up…

Now, what about midfield. A quality, landmark midfielder will not come cheap in this day and age. Especially when Man Utd come knocking. But, who is out there and will they want the role?

Verane would be so welcomes at Old Trafford, but wouldn’t any classy midfielder?

That’s it! The media will endlessly associate any living breathing footballer to Man United. But really!? Three big landmark footballers are required. The costs of like we’ve probably hadn’t seen before.

Who’ll stay?

It’s well and good speculating about arrivals. But how the departure of De Gea and Pogba affect the inbound transfer policy? Can such players be replaced?

If you could play for any team in the world would you settle for Man United right now? Both guys must be asking themselves that.

It shouldn’t be too much about how’s coming, but more about can they keep the talisman! Yes, a clear out is needed, but the sense of leaving can creep into anyone’s mind.

Everyone football fan knows what Man United need, just like we know Chelsea need a forward and Arsenal need a few more players to get them back to where they were. The reality is it will take time, what’s remarkable is just how many years United are now behind in a relatively short space of time. Who is to blame for this? Again, I think deep down every Man United fan knows the answer to that one too.

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