ScoringTips Arrives!

Launching a new website is nerve wracking, but that nervy feeling soon fades when you realise the promise of everything being done well in advance to the start of the football season, is not happening. You then just stare and shout at the web building agency.

Fortunately, we're part way there and even managed tips a day before it all officially kicks off.

Welcome to ScoringTips, a place we intend to pack full with football tips, stats and match goss. We’ll start this weekly, then throw in the odd offer as they come about. To start, with rolling out our tips and you can view the various tips we offer by simply clicking on the ‘Football Tips’ link. You’ll find we offer various betting markets with tips in each.

And remember to check back for our latest previews. We intend to eventually serve up previews for football matches across all the UK leagues.

Interested in becoming a football writer or want another place to showcase your work? Then get in touch, we’ll even set you up as an author. Best way to get hold is by emailing scoringtips1 @ gmail com.

We’ll happily take on board your feedback in regards to anything relating to this site, I can’t promise we’ll act on any of it but hey! This is still a democracy right? Let us know how you get on with your tips, remember you can tweet us or give us a shout on the other usual social channels.

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